Tuesday, September 15, 2009

cupcake wedding cakes

The New Trend in Weddings - Cupcake Wedding Cakes
By Pablo Adame

Remember when you were seven years old and your mom threw a birthday party for you? All your friends gathered around and everybody raved at how delicious those cupcakes were with the little sprinkles on top. That was fine when you're seven but now that you're getting married you may be a little nervous about the new trend in wedding cakes. Many couples are choosing to go with cupcake wedding cakes over the more traditional cake.

These cupcake wedding cakes are a long way away from what you had at your seven year old birthday party. Most of the time they won't have those little confetti sprinkles on top (unless you want them). Often they're going to take on shapes that you may have never thought were possible for cupcake such as stars, squares and even hearts.

Most cupcake wedding cake still take on the traditional form of wedding cake in the use of tiers and layers but, once you get past that the creativity put into these is endless. Because you're often working with over 100 individual cakes you have a lot of options available. Not only are you decorating each cake you're decorating around each cake as well.

One of the fun little additions to using cupcake wedding cakes is the ability to provide a keepsake topper for each guest. Whether you choose to go with a monogram topper or a miniature bride and room, your guests are going to love their little take-home item. You could even provide personalized outer cups for each cupcake with your names and the date embossed on them.

If the bride and groom can't agree on what flavor of cake, that's no longer a problem when you go this route. As a matter of fact, you can provide four, five, or six different flavors of cupcakes. You've got an equally as diverse selection for frostings.

When it comes to decorating around the cupcakes you have a lot of options as well. Some choose to have beautiful soft silk flowing in between each cupcake while others decorate around each cupcake with fresh fruit or flowers. I've even seen some with seashells to create a beach wedding theme.

Once you see a well decorated cupcake wedding cake you'll understand exactly why so many people are going this way. They can be fun, they can be elegant, and they can be as glamorous or casual as you want them to be. One thing is for sure, your guests will walk away remembering those cupcakes just as much as your friends did at your seven year birthday party. It just might be at a little different level.

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