Monday, June 8, 2009

wedding cupcake

Simply Yummy - The Wedding Cupcake

By Lynette Bell

If you are considering making your own wedding cake simplicity will be the key. The idea of using a wedding cupcake tier will have many benefits and the actual display doesn't have to feed your entire guest list. Try using a simple tiered rack with the remaining cupcakes in the kitchen to serve to guests.

Cupcakes make a great alternative to the traditional tiered cake. They can be made in a variety of flavors and arranged on a tiered rack or in a creative design on the cake table.

So what are the benefits of having wedding cupcakes?

• Less staff on hand as there is no need to cut the cake.
• No mess.
• Guests can choose their favorite flavor or decoration making it more personalized.
• Decorating disasters can easily be hidden.
• Simplicity - can be assembled at the last minute.
• Friends and family can help which will keep costs lower and add fun to the wedding preparations.

Wedding cupcakes don't have to be elaborate, just tasty. When decorating, consider using fresh flowers. Fresh flowers can be intertwined with the cupcakes. There are also many flowers that are edible and will make attractive cupcake decorations by simply painting them with beaten egg white and then dipping them in sugar. You will need to leave them to dry but you will find that these flowers will keep for many weeks in an airtight container so you don't need to do them all at the last minute. This will add some real class to the wedding cupcake display and you can bring in the colors of your wedding too.

The top tier could hold a small traditional fruit cake if you like. Or like many popular wedding cupcake ideas these days this could be a carrot cake, a sponge cake or chocolate cake. On the top of this cake you can have your traditional bride and groom figures or something a little different to match your particular hobbies. Perhaps you are racing fans. You could then use a matchbox car. Are you into fishing? Try a lure or a fishing bobber.

Over recent times the wedding cupcake has certainly made its way into the traditional wedding ceremony and is likely to stay around for many years to come.

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